Soft Faced Hammer Manufacturer

Thor Hammer is manufactured in England and we are regarded as one of the pioneers in the manufacture of soft faced hammer since 1923. Soft faced hammer is characterized by its ability to provide safety and non damaging striking solutions. It is a safer alternative than conventional steel hammers. The resilient faces shape themselves to the part being struck. Acting as shock absorbers, they spread the force of the blow uniformly, minimising inefficient rebound and damage to components. Soft faced hammers also reduce noise pollution in the workplace.

Thor Hammer's reputation for quality is widely known across industries and this has been proven by the high profile customers that we have which include UK Ministry of Defence, NATO, Governments, Formula One, Automotive, Mining, Oil & Gas, Railways and many more.

Our product range are:

  • Copper Hammer
  • Brass Hammer
  • Nylon Hammer
  • Bronze Hammer
  • Rawhide Hammer
  • Deadblow Hammer
  • Rubber Hammer

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